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Reflection Runway was started by an international duo passionate about many environmental and social justice issues, but equally passionate about the arts - and the power of art to communicate beyond purely political or educational platforms. After meeting countless designers, painters, sculptors, and so on who were all equally passionate about creating meaningful art with a message, Reflection Runway was born.


One half of the duo was born and raised in San Francisco, California, with a background in biotech and healthcare innovations. She has a Masters degree in Public Health from Harvard and dedicates her time to improving healthcare literacy and access in marginalized and/or underserved communities.


The other half of the duo grew up in a number of different countries and cultures and has worked for the United Nations focusing on projects related to renewable energy and sustainable development. He previously has also worked in law enforcement and has worked cases involving human trafficking and forced migration. He currently works to produce film projects that bring awareness to these issues, among others. 

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